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Parents Recommend KidsFirst!

Parents recommend KidsFirst! to help with custody and parenting issues before, during, and after separation, custody or mediation. Why? Because KidsFirst! provides expert parenting advice and legal information.


Parents praise KidsFirst! because they can easily create calendars, custody agreements, and parenting plans. Parenting is usually learned as on-the-job training and KidsFirst! helps parents learn quickly.

Mary Miller

Mary & Christopher 005.jpg

As a single, first-time parent, KidsFirst! really helped me think through all the issues of child custody and shared parenting with my son's father. Working through the questionnaire clarified my own values and attitudes about raising my child to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted and serves as good discussion points with his father. I’m hopeful that with the KidsFirst! Parenting Plan that we can always come to agreement about what is best for our son.

Robert Fisher

Robert &  Khari 003.jpg

All too often, parents allow TV, video games, candy, cross-trainer shoes, and starter suits to take priority over education, nutrition, fitness, health, and values. KidsFirst! gives powerful and realistic guidance to parents and other people who influence our kids, like concerned teachers, community activists, and healthcare advocates. In our community, KidsFirst! is a great resource for all parents. 

Lynn Killips

L,L&T 016.jpg

KidsFirst! is perfect for single parents who truly want to minimize the impact created by separation or divorce, impact that often falls upon the children. It’s simple, straightforward, and leaves no room for misinterpretation -- it really works. My children are older now but I wish I had this kind of help all along as dealing with the family law court can be tough. I recommend KidsFirst! to any parent who wants to protect their children.

Robert Gardner

Robert & Leena 030.jpg

I think that for people who can’t get through the problems associated with divorce or separation will find KidsFirst! an invaluable tool to resolve their differences around child custody, parenting, and child support without a custody battle. It also offers a calendar that will help couples keep track of their plans with their kids since the information is instantly available to both parents. KidsFirst! provides ways to safeguard the children, an important thing these days.

Allison Goodwin

Allison & K2 0008.jpg

Thank you KidsFirst! for articulating in black and white what works best for the family. What a difference it makes to have these resources. Our kids are blossoming and my relationship with their father has become much more balanced! We all benefit from this win-win approach, thank you so much.

Stacy Carter

Stacy&Amber 017.jpg

After years of working through the family law court system and spending thousands of dollars on divorce attorneys fees and court costs, I was glad to find KidsFirst! to help with co-parenting issues that can arise. The software is easy to use and can help take the frustration out of coordinating schedules.

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