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Agreement Not Argument





Why KidsFirst!

Separation and divorce are traumatic for children and parents, often causing parent alienation and parent-child estrangement.

KidsFirst! is a live-saver for separated or divorced parents with minor children because KidsFirst! helps parents solve legal custody and physical custody issues. KidsFirst! reduces parent conflict and protects children from emotional harm.

Parents praise KidsFirst! for creating detailed parents and kids calendars, fair custody agreements, and complete parenting plans. Parents confirm KidsFirst! helps lower tension, defuse anger, and resolve personal issues. When parents use KidsFirst! to work together the kids come first.

KidsFirst! was created by Henry Koltys, a family law attorney, mediator, judge and parent who knows what parents need and what judges require. His decades of legal expertise and parenting wisdom are included in the guidance and advice.

When parents out children in the middle, children can suffer significant long-term emotional harm often leading to mental illness, preventing a happy and successful life. KidsFirst! automatically creates required custody documents that are legal in family courts in all 50 United States.

Read the Details

KidsFirst! alllows parents to easily create calendars, custody agreements, parenting plans, and reports that can be approved by the judge. Parents answer simple  questions and KidsFirst! does the rest.  

Get Started

KidsFirst! gives parents the power to decide how to raise their children. One or both parents can create everything needed for court and parenting - quickly, privately, and at a low cost!

Ask KidsFirst!

KidsFirst! helps parents avoid anger, frustration, costly legal fees, court battles, and unnecessary stress.  Ask any question to learn how KidsFirst! is easy to use, easy to change, and easy to afford!

Why KidsFirst!

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