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Experts Recommend KidsFirst!

Experts in mental health, law, and mediation recommend KidsFirst! for calendars, custody agreements, parenting plans, and many other valuable tools and advice.


Experts confirm that using KidsFirst! can protect children by preventing fights over custody and parenting issues.


Experts know that separation and divorce can be very harmful for children, often creating emotional and mental problems for life by copying the patterns of behaviors of their parents.


Experts know that parents who care about their children will use KidsFirst! to avoid problems with co-parenting, finances, the judge, and court administrators.


W. Ross Foote

Domestic Law Judge, Ret.

 Alexandra, LA

During my thirteen years as a domestic law judge I saw parents enter the divorce process without any idea that fighting will negatively impact their children, perhaps for life. I have been amazed that parents do not understand their children’s needs and, if they do understand, it may not be until the last minute. KidsFirst! gives parents comprehensive guidance from the very beginning with self-guided diagnostic tools to minimize the

impact on children. KidsFirst! really helps parents put kids first!


Dr. Margaret Lee

Marriage and Family Psychotherapist

Greenbrae, CA 

 I have been a court special master, child custody evaluator, child custody mediator, psychologist, CASA expert, and mother for over twenty years. Parents who collaboratively parent after a divorce are most successful in meeting the difficult challenges presented by divorce. KidsFirst! is a very useful and informative road map for divorcing parents that helps keep the focus on children’s needs, collaborative effort and moving towards improved co-parenting.


Julianne Jensen

Family Law Attorney and Mediator

San Francisco, CA 

I reviewed KidsFirst! from the perspective of a family law mediator and a family law attorney and I concluded that this collaborative approach could help reduce the misunderstandings and confusion that are faced by separating or divorced parents. KidsFirst! is a helpful resource to educate parents and help them create a detailed child custody agreement and parenting plan.

Dr. Marian Marioni 

Marriage and Family Psychotherapist

Sonoma, CA 

As a marriage and family psychologist, nurse and single mother of four children, I especially appreciate how KidsFirst! can help protect a child’s mental and physical health. KidsFirst! makes it easy for parents to work together because parenting guidance, tips and ideas are available anytime. Child support is often a major sticking point so the KidsFirst! child support calculator helps both sides see what the judge will decide. When appropriate, I will recommend KidFirst! to my clients to save them hassle and heartache of a costly custody battle.

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