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Because your child's life has been turned upside down and inside-out, their head is filled with worry, stress, and upset. 

KidsFirst! protects children from emotional harm and parent conflicts while saving time, money, and relationships. So make the right decision for your children and you by using KidsFirst! for calendars, custody agreements, and parenting plans. 

See how KidsFirst! can help create a collaborative relationship between parents in order to protect the child, prevent a custody battle, and reduce the stress of changing relationships. KidsFirst! helps parents reduce the confusion and conflicts of separation, divorce, and co-parenting by giving parents relevant guidance, tips, and ideas. 

Children of divorce face these problems 

  • loss of family and feeling secure

  • anger at one or both parents for causing the loss

  • helplessness and frustration at not being able to change the situation

  • the strong need to have the old life when parents lived together

  • watching or hearing parents fight

  • responsibility for causing the break-up of the marriage or relationship.

Your child must not only survive but must thrive during this scary time of change. If you do not protect your child from the trauma of your separation, divorce, and custody issues, your child may well carry these feelings and perspectives into future relationships, perhaps for a lifetime.

To avoid this outcome parents must agree to agree to keep their child safe and shielded from parent disagreements. Each parent must acknowledge to oneself and to the other parent that the emotional and physical health of your child is the first priority. If your child sees emotions, rules, places and people change all the time, or sees one or both parents arguing or refusing to cooperate and collaborate, your child may feel unsafe and may suffer significantly.

KidsFirst! custody agreements and parenting plans address the legal and physical custody of the child, such as health, education, housing, and co-parenting schedules. KidsFirst! parenting plans deal with those issues in more detail plus many other issues such as religion, communication, safety, travel, childcare/daycare, drugs/alcohol, and approved sports/activities. For example, safe behaviors can be modeled and taught to children, KidsFirst! teaches common sense safety practices. 

ONLY $99!
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